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You always hear about the big ‘club v country’ debate, but what happens when a club team does play an international team? On this week’s pod, Matt and Marc explore the lesser seen games between club teams and international teams. We discuss the strange 1961 Charity Shield game, where the FA didn’t know what to do when Tottenham won the double, they got Tottenham to play 'England' instead; we look back at Wales’ game against an unorthodox opponent ahead of a 1998 World Cup qualifier; we go to the Camp Nou for arguably the most glamorous ‘centenary game’ of all-time; and finally, we deep dive into the time a club v country friendly descended into such chaos that the game was abandoned and a player was left knocked out on the floor for 5 minutes.

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Matt’s Choices

  1. Tottenham v FA XI in the 1961 Charity Shield
  2. Barcelona v Brazil in Barcelona’s ‘Centenary Game’
  3. QPR A-A China

Marc’s Choices

  1. The Kirin Cup
  2. Leyton Orient 2-1 Wales
  3. Manchester United’s 2001 Preseason Tour of South-East Asia

Music: Chimez by Dan Henig

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