Dual Nationality Footballers


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We were joined by Marco Negeri to talk about those multi-cultured footballers who have represented not one, but two different national teams. In our chat we covered over 98 years of footballers representing more than one nation at international level (or those who are perhaps about to do so). Plus, we finally discuss the name of the podcast and the time that Platini played for Kuwait.
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Matt's Choices
1. Platini playing for Kuwait
2. László Kubala playing for Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Spain
3. Steven Caulker for Sierra Leone in AFCON 2022
Marc's Choices
1. Luis Monti playing for Argentina and then winning the World Cup with Italy in 1934
2. The Boateng brothers playing against each other in World Cup 2010
3. Mika Chunuonsee
Marco's Choices
1. Mohamadou Sumareh for Malaysia
2. Jordi Amat about to play for Indonesia
3. Kobe Jae Chong

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