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Ahead of Matt walking the world-renowned El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, we decided to do our own football-themed trail across El Camino. All of our choices this week have links to El Camino de Santiago and who better person to join us than Chris Pidgeon - a former pilgrim of El Camino de Santiago and fan of SD Ponferradina.

Matt is completing the charity to raise money for Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice - a charity which helps care for cancer patients in the Malaga province. You can donate here: https://gofund.me/46d86252

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Matt’s Choices

  1. Fernando Llorente
  2. Julián Calero
  3. Ronaldo’s goal v SD Compostela in 1996

Marc’s Choices

  1. El Sadar
  2. Javi Martínez
  3. Juan Mata

Chris’ Choices

  1. Footballers/Managers who have completed El Camino
  2. Fuentesnuevas - former home of SD Ponferradina
  3. Destileria Bar in Ponferrada

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