Episode 50 RICK WENNER Award Winning Portrait & Editorial Photographer


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Episode 50 RICK WENNER Award Winning Portrait & Editorial Photographer

In today's Episode we're going to be taking a dive into the Editorial and advertising world of photography but more so concentrating on Portrait Photography, but not just your normal run of the mill portrait shots. How do you connect with a person to get that ultimate shot is one of the many topics of today.

Welcome to Episode 50, and today we’re talking with Long Island, NY based Photographer & Director Rick Wenner, a man who’s translated inspirational messages and intriguing individuals into emotionally powerful portraiture. Rick likes to invoke a little humility and wit into his shoots which has made him realise that great portraits are born when casual conversations paint the true colours of momentarily guarded strangers.

In the professional realm, Rick devotes much of his artistic energy towards editorial, corporate and advertising projects and his personal work is propelled by people that inspire, and simply chronicling the characteristics that distinguish a person from average to unique.

Rick appreciates some of life’s little treasures like a nice hazy IPA or a good bourbon, and still has a thing for cool hot rods and low riders, well this episode is where we get down and low with the man himself.

Web: https://www.rickwenner.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rickwenner/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rickwennerphoto/

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