How to Attract Investors and Use Other People’s Money


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There are two ways to get rich. One way is to use your own money. The other way is to use other people’s money, or as we call it at Rich Dad, OPM. One (using your own money) provides small-to-modest returns, takes a long time to pan out, and requires some financial intelligence. The other (OPM) provides large-to-infinite returns, creates incredible velocity of money, and requires a high financial intelligence. Today’s guest says that whether you want to purchase real estate, start a business, or create a charitable foundation, anyone can raise money.

Ken McElroy, Rich Dad Advisor on Real Estate and author, says, “Most people believe that they have to come from a rich family, or have the capital raised, and those are just excuses.”

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Ken McElroy discuss how to put other people’s money to work for you, and Ken’s tips for raising capital.

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