Hunger Strikes, Prayer Dances and Protests: A Photographer in Community


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Denis Ivan Perez Bravo is an East Bay-based photographer and organizer who isn't shy about jumping right into the action.

The images he captures on the front lines of protests in Northern California show the intense struggle of today's social movements.

The risk of bodily harm can come from both sides of a scrimmage. While covering the news, Dennis has been hit by projectiles fired from police weapons and risks being trampled by crowds of protestors.

On top of that, Denis is undocumented, so he's literally risking his freedom. But he says that his photos are worth it.

Beyond capturing images from the front lines in the battle for justice and liberation, Denis also fills his camera rolls with shots of community sporting events and cultural affairs from his neighborhood in Richmond, CA.

This week on Rightnowish, we talk to Denis about what it means to be on the front line, and why he sometimes crosses that line.

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