Announcement: RQ Network Introducing Wave 2


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Rusty Quill Founder and CEO Alex here!

RQ Network is a podcast network by podcasters for podcasters that launched on May 10th 2021

I now have the pleasure of announcing our second wave of new podcasts.

Join us in welcoming:

I am In Eskew and The Silt Verses Written and directed by Jon Ware and produced by Muna Hussen

The Milkman of St. Gaff's written and directed by Chris McClure

The Town Whispers written and directed by Cole Weavers

We're Alive written and directed by Kc Wayland and produced by Wayland Productions

You can listen to these shows wherever you get you podcasts or on

For more info on these new shows visit: RQ Network Wave 2: Introducing Five New Shows | Rusty Quill

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