#484 — Daniel Craig, Rami Malek


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Wake up... No Time To Die! Yes, this week finally sees the release of the final film in Daniel Craig's five-movie stint as James Bond, and to celebrate the occasion Chris Hewitt sits down for chats with both a relaxed and convivial Craig and his villainous counterpart, Rami Malek, who plays new Bond baddie, Safin. Do we expect you to listen? Well, ideally. Either side of those, Chris hits the virtual podbooth due to a touch of lurgy, where he's joined by James Dyer and Beth Webb for a fun episode in which they talk about great scenes set in recording studios, discuss the week's movie news, review (with the help of John Nugent) No Time To Die in a spoiler-free stylee, along with The Starling, and The Guilty, and talk of exotic locations like Pontypandy, Lusty Beg and Giggly Corner. (One of those is actually a real place.) Joy. En joy.

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