387 - It's a different kettle of fish and oh no, not another overdrive ?


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Brian, Blake and Richard are back with an all-new episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast!
Richard has no idea about American Sports, especially Wrestling, and he demonstrates this with gusto whilst Brian has been at a function with John Cena...or has he? The guys then discuss the new Tim pedal - although maybe it isn't new?
The guys look at some of the reaction to the launch of the Pantheon Deluxe - and Brian dissects some of the inevitable comparisons that were made with another pedal - and also the fun mechanics of releasing a pedal while also keeping a leakproof ship. Hint: It's nearly impossible. Blake has some great insight on the timeliness of information and product releases and Richard waxes lyrical about demo artists.
Brian tries to convince Richard of the life enhancing properties of chewing tobacco but he isn't convinced but it leads to further disturbing revelations from Brian and Blake. This leads to a potentially even more shocking revelation about Richard's father's reality show career.
Swahil Illinois, Brockwatch, Lo-tech sound effects, Another overdrive, Tater Schwift returns, Caterpillar farming, Blake's unspeakable horrors ...it's all in this week's Chasing Tone!
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