392 - You may have a valuable pedal that you didn't know about


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Brian, Blake and Richard are back for an all-new episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast!
Blake joins us over dial-up as we dive headlong and foot-short into another episode of vaguely guitar based musings and mutterings. Richard hurts Brian's feelings - both of them - before Blake gives us some insight into some workings in the gear market right now - you may have a valuable pedal that you didn't realise was in demand as Blake has.
Speaking of pedals, young master Blake teases us with a brand new pedal release that is coming up before Brian takes us through a TikTok video that tickles him somewhat. This bit is definitely not to be taken seriously. Except Blake's bit. Richard then drags the conversation several layers lower when he talks about a lady with an interesting business model that literally backfired.
Richard has been thinking about getting a 7 string, maybe even a PRS? He and Brian discuss it and Brian's brain melts on air before they move to talking about bass guitars which in turn leads to some simple amplifier related questions.
Brian's secret voiceover work, Blake's weird flex, Bottled methane, Shakira or Calvin Harris, Massive pedal hints, The silver squier, Brian's organ harvesting scam...it's all in this week's Chasing Tone!
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