”Are We Sure THEY‘RE Good?” AP Top 25, NFL Officiating Mess: NFL Week 2 + College Football Week 3 Recap


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Andrew Stem (@astem00 on Twitter) once again visits the show for a rundown of the weekend's football games, scores and news. Rookie quarterbacks seeing time and struggling was a common theme for Week 2 of the 2021 NFL season, as Zach Wilson threw four interceptions, and Justin Fields saw time in Andy Dalton's absence of the second of the Bears-Bengals game. Andrew and Jack discuss the pros and cons of trotting out rookie quarterbacks this early in the season, in the year 2021. Again, NFL officiating and league rules were a topic of conversation, as taunting penalties are here to stay. They also discuss the problems with the league's new crackdown on taunting. Together, they provide you all of the scores and news from Week 2 (0:00 - 31:05). Then, they tackle college football (31:05 - END), as many teams at the top have shown continued struggles and weaknesses through the first three weeks of the 2021 college football season. Jack and Andrew introduce a new segment called, "Are we sure they're good?". We ask this question about Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma, Iowa, Texas A&M, Notre Dame and many others. As always, Jack and Andrew provide a great depth of college football analysis, and later, Jack has an extremely bold Michigan football prediction.

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