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Global Village PodCast is launching Memorial Day Friday from Menominee, MI at the Marina on Green Bay. Our mission slogan is "Recovering people helping people recover". The founders are Waldo Walding and Lauren Mitchell, both 40 year FCC veteran programmers for TV networks, Radio Station clusters and entertainment. Both retired now, GVP is a non-profit pending group functioning as a free-form style 70's - todays FM radio conglomerate, without the obligation of commerciality or stress. Listener supported Podcasting 24/7/365 "wherever you get your PodCasts" is why we are excited to team up with Captivate exclusively for our hosting needs. Captivated, indeed! Looking forward to the free trial, but we are NOT shopping around. You folks fit the bill. SOLD ;-) JON WALDING 906-569-9715

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