How Scandinavian Brands Are Preparing For A Digital Economy - Lars Hedal


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Welcome to the seventh episode in the first series of The eCommerce Growth Show Scandinavia!

In this episode, Carlos Monteiro, founder of EVOLVE, spoke to Lars Hedal, Founder of Hesehus and Bizzkit a well-established, fast-growing e-commerce platform from Denmark. Lars shares his 20 years of history ahead of digital commerce in Denmark,

  • Why Altor Group bought a majority stake and invested in Hesehus; Scandinavian brand's Real examples that decided to go all-in with their digital strategy & execution;
  • Why having a CEO that speaks and GETS's TECH is Paramount Today Real examples of Omni customers that are seeing more than 25% of the revenue stream coming from digital channels;
  • How Scandinavian B2B customers are embracing digital commerce;
  • Why digital commerce platforms Today must be elastic, headless and focus on partnerships;
  • The reason why monolith platforms in his view are not a no longer a good option ( depending on the company and its objectives of course).
  • Why Focusing on Customer Experience, above all, must become a religion. Company culture, finding, recruiting, retaining, and global talent in a digital & knowledge economy;
  • Digital talent isn't a cost, it is an investment and how companies will keep their head above the water.

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