Side Character Quest


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Side Character Quest (SCQ) is an anthology of improvised fantasy adventures. In each short quest, the show's host takes a single guest player on a journey through a larger shared world. Quests are usually 3-6 episodes long, and listeners can generally start the show at the beginning of any one of them! Your world is a peaceful one, comprised of plains, mountains, swamps, and pines. Cicadas sing, rivers flow, magic thrums through the air, and all of it is ringed by a single massive wall that is as ancient as history itself. ...which is to say, not THAT ancient. Thanks to the Loss, whether you live in the Dwarven city of Mt. Renna, the diverse city of the plains known as Circ, or off in some more humble and disconnected town, "prehistoric" isn't all that long ago. Ah, well! People are happy, and life is good, assuming you don't mind the occasional monster (be it magical or mundane) or the looming threat of a mysterious undead society. Should you be discontented with whatever home you find here, you can always seek adventure sailing on the Salten Sea or isolation out in the Three Brothers. And who's to say there isn't more out there beyond it all, waiting to be found? Your world is a peaceful one, and while it's been said that everyone is the hero of their own story, is it true that every story needs a hero? And besides, who is to say being a side character isn't heroic enough?

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