THE YEAR IN POP CULTURE WITH LEX NIKO!! Every entertainment story from 2022!! Bennifer, Kardadshians, Adam Levine, Beyonce, Taylor, Will Smith, Nick Cannon, Harry Styles, Johnny vs Amber, Harry and Meghan, Top Gun & much more! Plus, the year in SBIG!


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WEDNESDAY! Special Episode! The Year in Pop Culture with Lex Niko (@lexniko) from the new podcast Crown Jewels! We recap everything in pop culture from this year. This isn't the year in reality shows, that will come later this week! This is all the pop culture stories and we had a blast. I think we do a damn good job covering most of the big stories from this year! So fun and so many laughs!

4:30-Show Notes

8:52-The Year in Pop Culture

1:39:00-Stories lex and i left off so i talk about them solo!

1:50:08-The Year in So Bad It's Good!

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