Spocklight At the Movies 26: Sunshine


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In the latest edition of ‘Spocklight at the Movies’ we examine Danny Boyle & Alex Garland’s 2007 Sci-Fi epic, Sunshine, featuring Star Trek: Discovery’s Michelle Yeoh, as just one of the glittering ensemble cast, that also includes Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Mark Strong, Rose Byrne and Benedict Wong.

We discuss the fact that Danny Boyle was willing to let Yeoh play any role she wanted and wonder why she chose the comparatively small role of the ship’s Botanist, question whether it was his role of Mace that got Chris Evans the part of Captain America and reveal how Cillian Murphy shadowed Brian Cox (no, not that one) to get into his lead role as the Ship’s Physicist, Capa.

We also heap praise on John Murphy’s incredible score and list it’s many uses in other film & television since it’s release, look back over Alex Garland’s impressive career and check out what else Michelle Yeoh was doing in 2007.

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