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The inspiration for today's episode of Stitchery Stories comes from litter, running and Sheffield Embroiderers' Guild. David Morrish is enjoying his exploration of digital embroidery and he very much enjoys collaborating with other artists to grow awareness and appreciation of embroidery as a vibrant and fascinating art form.

David, who has a background in fashion, shares his very interesting story of how he started creating and exploring digital embroidery. Working through his Masters Degree in Fashion & Textiles has pushed his creativity and developed some fascinating ideas. I discovered David through his connection with Sheffield Embroiderers' Guild and his 'marathon' embroidery project which documents the prevalence of litter along the route of the Windermere Marathon. Since I love running, hate litter, love embroidery and sharing a great story, and of course with my involvement with the Embroiderers' Guild, this was a perfect Stitchery Story!

David is so full of enthusiasm and creativity, and I love the way in which he is reaching out to other artists in different mediums and collaborating with them. The results are fabulous!

Susan Weeks chats with David Morrish about:

  • documenting his full creative process not just the outcome
  • the power of just asking
  • why did they say yes?
  • what is digital embroidery?
  • using the power of the computer and machine in a unique creative way
  • combining running, embroidery... and litter?
  • loving the idea of many people creating together
  • A BIG shout out to Sheffield Embroiderers' Guild
  • 1 foot to 1 mile, it's a marathon of embroidery
  • combining Peter Rabbit with a can of Strongbow cider
  • on being an Embroiderers' Guild scholar
  • promoting embroidery to a wider world through collaborations
  • learning to value our work
  • celebrating all forms of embroidery
  • what happened at Mile 15?

For this episode... View Show Notes, Links & Examples of David's digital embroidery at https://www.stitcherystories.com/davidmorrish

Visit: https://www.kingflytailoring.com/

Look: https://www.instagram.com/kingflytailoring

Read: https://bit.ly/2STWVDF

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