682: The Little Blue Baby [Paige Cramer] True Ghost Story | Three Ghostly Tales 👻


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The Little Blue Baby [Paige Cramer] True Ghost Story | Three Ghostly Tales 👻
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Welcome my Titans, Warlords, Enforcers, and all my lovely new listeners. Today I bring you a set of four stories – one true account of a ghostly experience, by Paige Cramer, at tale about a haunted train, a near death ghostly bus ride, and lastly when a man meets a being from another plane of existence, that professes they’ve met before.
Your first tale is unique, in that it’s the only story that I’ve ever narrated that has it’s origins, or original tale shared in a poem first. A big thank you to Paige Cramer for sending this story through. So let’s turn off the lights, turn up the sound, and get ready for something different.
First True Ghost Encounter: The Little Blue Baby by Paige Cramer
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