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Four Swedish Tales | AUDOBOOK STYLE | Short Stories
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Welcome my Titans, Warlords, Enforcers, and of course my lovely new listeners. Today I bring you three Swedish tales told in an Audiobook fashion. So, no background music, straight up, raw, with a select number of sound effects as accents to flavour the tale. You know how I like to shake it up, and I’m keen to hear your thoughts on these three tales in this style. And this set of tales are really unique. They have endings that I’m not used to, with topics and characters that are unusual.
You’ll see what I mean by, unusual – it’s more in the way these stories are told and constructed, which I think you’ll pick up on. Mates, turn of the lights, turn up the sound, and pull that chair closer…and listen
Thanks mates!
Thanks for listening you legends, and have a great week!
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