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Meet Samantha. She’s a 40-something animal trainer determined to take her cats on the road and catch her big break, even if it costs her hundreds of thousands of dollars to get there.

According to her assistant Lynsi, a neat thing about Samantha is that she doesn’t think things all the way through, but then again, Lynsi also thought she was having a career crisis BEFORE she was living in a motorhome with a middle-aged woman trying to run a cat circus.

We’ll witness heavy flirting, discuss whether it’s okay for your boss to tell you your significant other is going to die and it’s going to be your fault (spoiler: It’s really, really not okay), and sympathize with the cat who tries to escape from the show and start a new life in Wisconsin.

Just when we think we might be watching the female version of a desperate person turning into The Joker, things shockingly turn around and end up being okay for Samantha. Maybe there’s a positive message somewhere in this mess after all, but we still maintain that cats are not an investment.

Featuring surprise appearances by Pauly Shore and Stephen Colbert. This episode is not sponsored by Smirnoff, but it should be.

We're suffering through and reporting back on Acrocats!, available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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