Episoded 138 Sarah Silverman Apologizes to Paris Hilton


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Sarah Silverman has a podcast IGTV, which is where I came across her very public plea to be forgiven for being a jerk to Paris Hilton 14 years ago at the 2007 MTV Awards.

You see, Paris Hilton has a podcast too and she called-out Sarah Silverman by saying that what she did to Paris in 2007 would never be allowed today. It's culturally unacceptable.

Sarah claims she sent an apology the next day and never knew that Paris didn't get it until now.

After all, why would Pari care about a note from the comedian that insulted her - at the height of her fame?

Sarah claims that she has found Jesus, and is a reborn comedian that realizes she hurt people and how unacceptable that type of behavior is, then and now.




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