EV Truck Race, Retail Spending Stop, Coinbase Layoffs, MLS on APPL


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This Wednesday we’re surveying the consumer landscape starting with the standings in the EV Truck race. We also talk about retail spending shifts, Coinbase’s about face with its staff, and finally, streaming for a sport that actually makes sense from a consumer’s standpoint.

  • Cyber truck release is more than a year away still, behind most other EV truck launches
    • Ford Lightning, EV Hummer, Rivian R1T already rolling
    • EV Silverado Spring 2023 and GMC Sierra in the Fall
    • EV Ram expected in 2024
    • Ford Super Duty in 2025
    • New leaked cybertruck photos suggest dual screen layout, adding instrument cluster, which has been blacked out until now, to the standard Tesla center screen
    • Take Away: A head start doesn’t mean you’ve won the race, but it sure is an advantage
  • Economists predict retail spending growth slows to near stop in May
    • Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal expect that retail sales—a measure of spending at stores, online and in restaurants—rose a seasonally adjusted 0.1% in May from the previous month, easing from April’s 0.9% increase
  • The Commerce Department is set to release May retail-sales data today at 8:30 a.m. ET
  • Take Away: Affordability is key. The right inventory is where it starts.
  • Coinbase lays off almost a fifth of its entire workforce (1100 employees)
    • CEO Brian Armstrong accepted accountability for his decision to drastically overscale over the past 2 years and cited need to manage expenses and increase efficiency
    • News was delivered via personal emails as company emails were shut off prior to notifying those affected in a very empathetic tone in the company memo
    • Take Away: In times of volatility, those with the best fundamentals win.
  • Apple will be the exclusive streaming partner for MLS until your kids are grown (10 yrs)
    • MLS season ticket-holders will automatically have access to MLS’ streaming service on the Apple TV app
    • Take Away: Consumers want it all in one place and don’t want to work to get it there

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