Episode 38: The Cardy Show- Baseball In Canada Series- John Gibbons


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On this week's episode:Scott Crawford from the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame joins us to discuss the big Hall of Fame Induction event on November 16th. Please register for the event by clicking this link . We also discuss their relationship with the great folks at Left Field Brewery and make sure you buy some Outstanding Pub Ale as 25 cents from each can sold goes to The Canadian baseball hall of Fame. Baseball In Canada Series- John Gibbons Dave Glassford joins me to discuss John Gibbons and the impact he had on Canadian baseball. We go through his early days and his playing career. We discuss the paths he and John Schneider took to get to the big leagues as coach's and Manager's. Does John Gibbions belong on the Level of Excellence? You let us know.Thanks for listening.

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