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DJ Simulationistas… Sup? is the flagship podcast of the Center for Medical Simulation in Boston, Massachusetts. Janice Palaganas and Dan Raemer, CMS faculty and thought leaders in the field of healthcare simulation, discuss the pressing issues in the field, interview expert guests, tell jokes, and dissemble on a variety of topics. Subscribe today for a new episode every week! Available on iTunes, Soundcloud, or wherever podcast babies come from. Founded in 1993, the Center for Medical Simulation was one of the world's first healthcare simulation centers and continues to be a global leader in the field. Simulation training at CMS gives healthcare providers a new and enlightening perspective on how to handle real medical situations. Through high-fidelity scenarios that simulate genuine crisis management situations, the CMS experience can open new chapters in the level of healthcare quality that participants provide. Find out more and apply for CMS simulation workshops at

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