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Theme of the week:

How do you balance being between developers and your company?

The biggest challenge Vera Tiago, our guest for this episode, is balancing between helping developers achieve their goals and helping the company achieve theirs.

Vera is the Developer Advocacy Manager at Outsystems and together we talked about:

  • Her favourite thing about developer relations
  • Her biggest challenge in developer relations
  • One thing she failed at but taught her a valuable lesson about working in developer relations
  • The advice she would you give her younger self who is just getting started in developer relations
  • What is a must-have for every developer program?
  • Her top 3 points of focus in her DevRel strategy
  • What she is most looking forward to for the future of developer relations

Listen to this episode to better understand developer relations, through Vera Tiago's experience.

Let's talk data! Vera chose to talk about Documentation, tutorials, tools and community engagement are the core of developer programs.

Vera Tiago is a former software developer turned into a Developer Advocate, currently leading a Global Developer Advocacy team. She has been involved in the tech industry for over 16 years. For the past six years, she has been dedicating her professional time and a vast amount of personal time connecting, helping, and learning from the Developer Community.

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