Episode 9 - Building Unstoppable Atomic Swaps for Bitcoin and Ethereum with Simon Lapscher


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In Episode 9 of the Ethereal Podcast, DeFi Dad interviews the CoFounder of Liquality, Simon Lapscher.
The Liquality team built a protocol for enabling trustless cross-chain swaps between Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can use Liquality's swap at https://liquality.io/swap/ to trade BTC for ETH, DAI, USDC or go the other direction to trade back to BTC. Liquality also recently released Liquality Wallet which includes this swap feature, but as in a browser extension wallet, similar to MetaMask but capable of holding BTC as well as your Ethereum assets.
In this episode, we kick off with why life experiences fueled cofounders from Venezuela, Iran, and South Africa to come together and focus on building trustless, "disintermediated" p2p finance tools with Bitcoin and Ethereum to be impenetrable to corrupt, authoritarian governments. Simon helps paint a clearer picture of why DeFi and all future applications built on Ethereum need to have the right foundation to be censorship resistant, so no one can ever shut it down. He also discusses how Bitcoin and Ethereum have been successful to date in scaling such decentralized blockchains.
We also dive into what it's been like to work across the top 2 crypto protocols the last few years, how they differ, and how Liquality is working harder than ever to capitalize on this 2020 momentum to revolutionize the world with interoperable p2p finance.
To learn more about Liquality, visit liquality.io and their swap for BTC ETH/USDC/DAI at liquality.io/swap. You can follow @liquality_io on Twitter for updates.
Ask questions in the Liquality Telegram channel at https://t.me/liquality.
Follow Simon Lapscher on Twitter at @simonlapscher.
*Watch a tutorial of the Liquality Swap on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8zcvEy2Ccw&feature=youtu.be
*Read Liquality Blog: https://liquality.io/blog/
*See Simon's CoFounder Alex G on a panel at The Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020: https://youtu.be/0AEERkemYn8
*Check out DeFi Dad's quick walkthrough of the Liquality Wallet: https://youtu.be/GytOAwQTGsE

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