Trust Devonta Freeman? Stick with Jameis Winston? It's Time for Week 3 Rankings


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3:54 Figuring Out San Francisco's Backfield
7:25 Bounceback for Joe Mixon?
10:48 What to Do with Kansas City's Backfield
14:23 Can Devonta Freeman Get on Track?
18:29 Is This the Week for Miles Sanders?
21:35 Running Back You'll Take a Chance on This Week
23:24 Luke Falk Effect on Jamison Crowder and Robby Anderson
27:47 Marquise Brown Now a Must-Start WR?
30:47 Start Terry McLaurin with the Bears in Town?
33:48 Nelson Agholor Takes on a Larger Role for the Eagles
36:56 Buying Demarcus Robinson and Mecole Hardman
39:52 Deep WR to Take a Shot on in Week 3
42:52 Give Jameis Winston Another Shot
45:16 Difference of Opinion on Kirk Cousins
48:01 Valuing Jared Goff and Baker Mayfield in Rams-Browns Showdown
50:55 Judging the New Starting Quarterbacks
53:54 Quarterback to Take a Chance on in Week 3
55:16 What's Happening with O.J. Howard?
58:24 Vance McDonald Remains a Low-End TE1
60:28 Best-Case Scenario for Jason Witten?
62:27 Deep Tight End Who Could Surprise This Week
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