Episode 48: Episode 48 - House War 2020


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Episode 48 – House War 2020 Hello all! On this episode Tony and Paul are joined by Alistair Parren to discuss the House War. We also go off on tangents about Deamons, Dread Elves and other UB events that have been going on. Strap in, it’s a long one! Catch us on iTunes or, for MP3 download, visit www.tfwp.podomatic.com Contact/follow us via Twitter on: @thegodbold @tonyhayle Email - TFW_Podcast@yahoo.co.uk Facebook Group – (Search for The Fantasy Wargaming Podcast) Leave us a review on iTunes or your podcast provider! Our Sponsors: Goblin Gaming (via our link to help the show!) https://www.goblingaming.co.uk/?tap_a=18936-14583c&tap_s=116493-c9df92 Products for Wargamers http://productsforwargamers.com/ remember to put TFWP in the notes when at checkout! Show Links: Free rules for The 9th Age – https://www.the-ninth-age.com/ 9th Age Tournament Updates - www.Tourneykeeper.net Credits Due: Music from the Freemusicarchive.org: Into - Jan Morgenstern - Circling Dragons Outro - BoxCat Games - Battle 'Special' Sponsor music – Ice Man – SI-PML Sound effects from FreeSFX.co.uk

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