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Just a week ago, we passed the 20th anniversary of 9/11. To mark the occasion the worship leader and failed Republican politician Sean Feucht, of Bethel Church fame, held an event at the national mall in DC. The event was part of his “let us worship” tour that has been taking place around the country to protest COVID restrictions on churches. Notably, Donald Trump joined the rally through a pretty bizarre pre-recorded speech. You might be wondering, “who cares?” Good question. As people who are now very outside evangelicalism, it’s easy to just ignore these folks, yet I think there are some reasons to pay attention despite how cringy it all is. Feucht is probably one of the more visible figures in evangelicalism and is clearly interested in conservative politics. He had a failed congressional run in California. He even took a trip to the White House to lay hands on and pray for Donald Trump before his first impeachment. Given all of that, we thought it’d be good to spend the episode talking about Feucht and the current state of Christofascism. Intro Music by Amaryah Armstrong Outro music by theillogicalspoon *Support The Magnificast on Patreon* *Get Magnificast Merch*

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