UFC Welterweight #1 Contender Colby "Chaos" Covington


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Mike starts off the show addressing his comments about the Dak Prescott situation in Dallas, plus Russell Wilson's camp 'not' asking for a trade but giving teams he's willing to go to, and JJ Watt electing to go to the Arizona Cardinals after being granted his release from the Texans. PLUS, Mike covers it ALL with former UFC welterweight champ Colby Covington! From his desire to rematch Kamaru Usman, the fight with Jorge Masvidal, his next moves, his beef with LeBron James, his pornstar nickname, what he thinks of Jake & Logan Paul in boxing, and his predictions for UFC 259! Colby also talks about his controversial last fight with Usman, Amanda Nunez & Rhonda Rousey's legacies, and the last time he talked to Trump.

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