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Super Bowl LV is here, and that means the night of 100,000 prop best. Jimmy, Mitch and Gary run down their favorites, from Tom Brady's individual stats to missed PATs to *shortest* touchdown to Embiid vs. the Bucs to the Mitch Goldich-trademarked "Octopus."

There's plenty of analysis on the game itself as well. How will the Chiefs overcome the lack of offensive tackles? Will fill-in left tackle Mike Remmers have another Super Sunday nightmare, or will the Chiefs be equipped to handle the extra pressure? Is this going to be a very Fournette evening in Tampa? And, if it comes right down to it, can Brady keep up with Patrick Mahomes? We have picks on the sides and total, as well as score predictions and our picks for MVP.

And we also have an emotional farewell to each other and to all who listened to the show this season.

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