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Whether you are a gaming nerd or a movie buff, we have some awesome content for you on The Nerd Stash Network! Our gaming podcast, Power Up And Game, covers various stories around the gaming industry with a focus on the quality of a conversation over the number of trendy topics to cover. New episodes of Power Up And Game premiere every Friday night. On Sunday nights, you can check out new episodes of Nerds Talk Movies. With this podcast, our crew of ”experts” take a deeper look at beloved movies and TV shows via Retrospectives and Spoiler Talks. We also have a monthly competition series called Clash at the Stash where two contestants debate over two specific topics and make a case on why their side is the true winner. New episodes will premiere on the last Friday of every month. (During the week Clash At The Stash airs, there will not be any new episodes of Power Up And Game or Nerds Talk Movies.) Again, regardless if you are a gamer or a movie buff, there’s something for you on The Nerd Stash Network.

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