The Daily Dribble #6 - Conference Finals Kick Off | Fall Of The Mighty | Scothy Stays Put


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The Daily Dribble - S3 E28: Conference Finals Kick Off | Fall Of The Mighty | Scothy Stays Put

Disclaimer: We lost the first ten minutes of our ep due to technical difficulties. Sad reacts only! :(

The Conference Finals are here, and we love it! Both Eastern and Western Conference matchups are incredibly exciting, with a whole host of storylines playing out as we speak.

In this week's episode, we broke down all action from these opening games, in addition to if our predictions had changed at all based on what we’d seen so far.

We spoke about the demise of last year’s finalists (Suns and Bucks), and what the main reasons were for their game 7 blowout losses. Certainly, some food for thought going into the off-season.

The lads also spoke about all the notable Odds and Ends from both the NBA and NBL, including the breaking news that all JackJumpers fans would be stoked to hear and the big snub from the All-Rookie first team.

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