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Hello and welcome to the Private German Lessons Podcast Series!

The aim of these auto-didactic podcasts is to help learners of German better understand and comprehend the few differences and many similarities between English and German.

Believe it or not, the two languages are quite closely related to each other and feature many so-called loan words, which are either identical or very similar in pronunciation, spelling, and meaning.

A few examples include such nouns as:

The Bear ---> Der Bär

The Rose ---> Die Rose

The House ---> Das Haus


The School ---> Die Schule

Some verbs which sound and indeed are very similar include:

going ---> gehen

flying ---> fliegen

swimming ---> schwimmen


hearing ---> hören

The same is of course also true of English and German adjectives such as for example:

red ---> rot

cold ---> kalt

loud ---> laut


round ---> rund

The complete written transcript of every podcast is presented in parallel German and English for the sake your better understanding and visualisation of both languages and their structures.

The transcripts can be found in the description of each podcast as well as on my website www.privategermanlessons.co.uk where you can also book online Skype German lessons with me. I will also provide a link to the transcripts below.

In case you’re wondering who am I?

My name is Alexander Beck and for the past 23 years I have successfully enabled thousands of people from all around the world to learn German with confidence for fun, work or school.

I specialise in teaching German online using Skype in combination with an award-winning screen authoring system, which enables both the student and teacher to easily study together in real-time.

I grew up in Germany and have lived in German speaking countries, notably Switzerland and Germany, for most of my professional working life.

A native speaker both of German and English I graduated from King’s College London with a top honours degree in German language and literature as well as postgraduate studies in teaching at UCL.

Additionally I am a fully Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator (Certified MIE / CMIE) and Microsoft Certified Skype In The Classroom Expert.

I very much hope you enjoy these short podcasts and look forward to receiving your valuable feedback and constructive comments.

Thank you for listening and until next time!


PS: You can book your private online German Lessons with me by visiting my website at www.privategermanlessons.co.uk

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