25: Fitness Mindset - How To Change Your Beliefs For Weight Loss


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At the beginning of the year, I asked The Trophies what they wanted to focus on. “Health & Fitness” was overwhelmingly one of the top topics of interest, and how can I deny my past? For over 16 years I’ve worked as a wellness coach, so this is in my wheelhouse! But instead of sending another diet culture message to the group (which is the last thing you need to hear!) I am going to put my own spin on the topic… Coming off of FOCUS FEBRUARY, where we learned how to “do more by doing less”, I am having the Trophies choose just one thing they want to narrow in on that will have the biggest impact on their health and fitness. My intention is not to help The Trophies lose weight; it is to help these wonderful women set a goal and see it through to completion.




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