"Crop Circle Realities" Documentary Director Darcy Weir & Gary King : Rafe White of Southern Geek : The Week in Geek 4/18/21


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D-Squared apparently upsets his guests from the new documentary "Crop Circle Realities" Director Darcy Weir calls D2 illiterate...but Crop Circle Expert Gary King was super cool and nice.
Rafe White - Convention Organizer and moderator of Southern Geek fan community on Facebook joins the show to give his unique perspective on the return of Conventions to the Gulf South. He tells us about his experiences at Huntsville Comic Con, we discuss several upcoming conventions, and we cover the health and safety measures for everyone's eventual return to the Con Circuit.
Skungy's Pick of the Week is Disco Elysium.......which conjures images of Burlesque shows toD2's mind. We also discuss a game that hits too close to home for our host.
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The Week in Geek 4/18/21

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