Vampire Diaries Actor Ian Somerhalder : Grammy Winner Debby Boone : Author Danielle Lindemann : The Week In Geek 2/20/22


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Vampire Diaries & V-Wars Actor Ian Somerhalder stops by to talk about two of his passions, Dogs and Bourbon. As a Native of Covington he has supported the Northshore Dog Parade Mardi Paws for years. He also discusses his new Brothers Bond Bourbon and what went into the process of flavor profiles and test batches.
Grammy Award winning singer, Debby Boone joins the show to talk about he new rerelease of her Album "Swing This" on all streaming platforms. She explains the changes in the music industry, and the feel of big band music and it's Las Vegas connection.
Author & Sociology Professor Danielle Lindemann shares the publishing news of her latest book "True Story : What Reality TV Says About Us". What has been the impact of Reality TV to our Pop Culture landscape, and whether or not we should be ashamed to admit that we watch Reality TV.
In Skungy's Pick of the Week his review is "Dying Light 2 - Stay Human".
In Top Nerd News we talk about the season finale of "Peacemaker" and Aquaman's proclivity to fornicate with fish, and news about Amazon's "Fallout" TV series.
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