Writer & Producer of Fiction Podcast "MAGMELL" Jeff Heimbuch : Quantum Leap Revival : Star Trek Discovery : The Week In Geek 1/16/22


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This week's guest is Writer, Producer, and Director Jeff Heimbuch. His latest Fiction Podcast "Magmell" is out now on the iHeart Radio app. We discuss this series, as well as his short movie with Horror Author Brian Keene entitled "Fast Zombies Suck".
In Top Nerd News, we cover the Revival announcement for "Quantum Leap" and the simpler times of the 80's. Logan Paul is a dumbass and Karma bite him in the butt. Later we discuss Star Trek : Discovery and the strange mid-season break, and the constant stops in the plot to talk about "feelings".
Later we discuss The Book of Boba Fett and the latest episode that seems to be rather polarizing. We also see the Power rangers show up and join forces with the Bounty Hunter turned sweet and friendly. But maybe he'll ride a Rancor Beast
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