262 - The Jehovah's Witnesses: Doomsday Cult


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I'm guessing you know of the Jehovah's Witnesses. You've heard of them. Maybe you've noticed their "Kingdom Halls." Maybe they've knocked on your door. But - do you really know anything about them? Before this week, I didn't. Now that I do, I will NEVER look at them the same way again. The Jehovah's may not live on a compound, but, in my opinion they are a dangerous doomsday cult. Their continual focus on impending Armageddon has hurt so, so many lives. And so has their "Two Witness Rule." The Governing Body of the Witnesses pressure congregations to not go to the police with criminal accusations, including rape and sexual abuse. Instead, Witnesses are told to take accusations to congregational elders who record the accusations confidentially. And elders are told that if two or more people didn't witness the crime occur, then it essentially didn't happen. These policies have led to the creation of what's believed to be the largest database of pedophiles ever - pedophiles the organization has provided a safe haven. Known predators have even been paired with future victims to go preach the "truth" door-to-door. The truth is, the Jehovah's Witnesses are an incredible unlikable organization. I lay out their history, their beliefs, and their most shameful policies on another Cult! Cult! Cult! edition of Timesuck.
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