Transforming Family Business & Personal Values with Aaron Katerberg | Ep 250


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Aaron Katerberg didn’t set out to be an irrigator. He’s been a tennis pro, pursued a master’s degree in divinity and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. After college, he tried working for his father’s irrigation business, but that first stint didn’t pan out. Years later, Aaron made peace with the fact that irrigation runs in his blood, and he decided to dive back into the family business. In 2012, Aaron became CEO of Grapids Irrigation, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a third generation irrigator and second generation owner, he immediately set his sights on scaling the business and increasing revenue, which he has since very successfully achieved. Aaron currently serves as Visionary and CEO of Grapids Irrigation.

Powerful Moments From The Episode

00:00 - Transforming the Family Business with Systems

01:49 - Aaron Katerberg’s Backstory

06:38 - The Katerberg Family Business, Grapids Irrigation

09:53 - Transforming The Family Business

14:04 - Father & Son Business Relationship Struggles

17:07 - Implementing “Traction” into The Business

23:42 - CEO & “Visionary” Role Responsibilities

30:46 - Aaron On “Jesus First” In His Life

37:02 - Aaron’s Currently Relationship With His Dad

38:37 - The Importance of Failure, As Opportunities For Growth

41:36 - Aaron On Meeting His Wife

43:04 - Lifestyle Adventures & Meeting Ryan Murdock (BiggerPockets)

47:09 - The Keys to GoPod Success

48:09 - The Value of Being A GoBundance Member

50:14 - What’s Next For Aaron in Business? (He bought a prison!)

53:27 - GoBundance Card Game Question

55:05 - Owning an irrigation company, what does Aaron’s lawn look like?

56:22 - How To Connect With Aaron Katerberg

Connect with Aaron Katerberg

Grapids Website



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