#485 — Rebecca Hall


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How do you get Rebecca Hall on the Empire Podcast? Practice! Yes folks, in the week that the London Film Festival throws opens its doors to the world, Chris Hewitt has a natter with Rebecca Hall, the writer-director of the compelling drama, Passing, which is playing at the Festival. They talk about the personal connection Rebecca felt to the story, which is about an African-American woman passing herself off as white in 1920s America, and what she inherited as a director from her father, the legendary Sir Peter Hall, and much more besides. Elsewhere, Chris is joined in the actual podbooth this week by Helen O'Hara and James Dyer for an episode in which they discuss the best movies set in deserts (brace yourself for Dunesplaining), talk about the week's movie news, review No Sudden Move, Infinite, and John And The Hole, come up with a brand new name for one of the deadliest snakes in the world, and prove that Helen does NOT trample on jokes. So there! Enjoy!

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