Episode 215 Wes Miller: "Huevos invitational race and reunion


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The idea of having an ATV Money race has been talked about for years getting WORCS and Wes Miller together to put this on is fantastic. Exposure to the industry will mean growth this is an excellent way for the youth involved. The second part of this is the riders in the HAUVOS movies from the late 90s and early 2000’s having an event where they can get together

The event of the year is 10,000 Dollars winner take all race invitations only with 4 different styles of racers coming incredible champions from today's west coast and east as well as central. The next day legend from the Huevos chain of movies will be in Vegas for a dinner and concert

Meeting the stars from Hauvos movie at a dinner in their awner and looking at this from the eyes of a young Fan now in his 30’s feels like a young child getting to see a superhero on the other side of this still being a fan of the ATV racing and the industries watching an event with all the modern day superstars will be so exciting to me I have been watching these stars for decades 4-5 not to be outing myself.

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