Biz Bevs & Bites: Episode 004 – Podcasting 101 with Rob Oliver, Part 2


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Team Biz Bevs & Bites spent the Happiest Hour with our show producer and friend – two-time podcast host and international motivational speaker extraordinaire – Rob Oliver. Rob is also a three-time author, and one of the kindest, most helpful people we know.

This is the second part of our Happiest Hour with Rob and he's encouraging all of you to start your own podcast - but he has a few suggestions and having a plan is at the top of his list. You'll also hear how he fancies himself as a bit of a teacher and how he approaches most everything in life as an opportunity to teach others.

And you'll get the 215. What's the 215? You'll have to listen to find out! We hope you enjoy time with Rob as much as we do!

Hosted by: Cindy Ellek and Kelli Komondor
Produced by: Rob Oliver, Your Motivational Speaker
Supported by: K2 Creative & PR and the Cindy Ellek Marketing Group
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