Biz Bevs & Bites Episode 005 - The Value of Podcasting with Jeremy Shere, Part 1


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Jeremy Shere is the founder and CEO of Tribal Knowledge Podcasting, a podcast production agency that helps businesses start podcasts to grow revenue by connecting decision makers, establishing thought leadership, and taking content marketing to the next level. Listen in as Jeremy dishes on time savers, why it’s not too late to start a podcast, and his tips on finding the right guests for your show. He shares the advantages of podcasting over hosting webinars, and how a podcast can provide endless content marketing pieces for your business. Jeremy will join us for episodes 005 and 006 – his tribal knowledge of podcasting is so in-depth, we needed two episodes to cover it all!

Hosted by: Cindy Ellek and Kelli Komondor
Produced by: Rob Oliver, Your Motivational Speaker
Supported by: K2 Creative & PR and the Cindy Ellek Marketing Group
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