[#227] The Upper Limit "Problem": Is self sabotage healthy?


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If you enjoyed this podcast, you can buy me a beer! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/danthecoach In the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, we are introduced to the "upper limit problem", whereby people who should be more successful sabotage themselves, often subconsciously, due to fear of change and fear of success. Obviously, this seen to be a bad thing. Self sabotage is seen as some sort of harmful error in the brain's wiring system. But what if it isn't? What if success isn't as good as people think it is? What if our definition of success is a harmful and dangerous one that leads to scandals, mental breakdowns, and even suicide? In this podcast, we explore the upper limit problem and self sabotage from a contrary angle: what if self sabotage is actually a good thing? ------------ If you enjoyed this, get access to more of BROJO’s content and dozens of confidence-building online courses by joining today. It’s FREE! Learn more here: https://www.brojo.org/join BROJO is an international self-improvement community run by coaches Dan Munro and Mike Wells. We are focused on how to build confidence through living with integrity and authenticity. We help Nice Guys discover their masculinity, and we focus on supporting people-pleasers of all types to build confidence, integrity, and deeply connected relationships. For more personal support, contact Dan & Mike directly with your questions info@brojo.org, or complete an application for a FREE coaching session with a BROJO Coach: https://www.brojo.org/apply BROJO’s TOP RESOURCES: The Nice Guy Recovery Course A intensive, step by step guide to help Nice Guys and people-pleasers undo their programming and conditioning to become authentic, powerful and confident. https://menprovementx.com/nice-guy-recovery-101/?sld=danielmunro The 3X Confidence and Authenticity Masterclass Program A complete in-depth guide on how to build your confidence by being authentic and living with integrity, following Dan Munro’s secret 3X Confidence formula. https://menprovementx.com/3x-confidence-101/?sld=danielmunro Shamelessness: Total Social Confidence Say goodbye to the “not good enough” story in your head, and all the social limitations that come from believing it. https://menprovementx.com/shamelessness-101/?sld=danielmunro THE NAKED TRUTH: Using Powerful Honesty to Enhance Your Confidence, Connections and Integrity [book] Discover Dan Munro’s powerful honesty techniques so that you can be authentic and genuine without losing respect: https://www.brojo.org/pub/the-naked-truth-honesty-confidence-connections-integrity Nothing to Lose: Using Curiosity to Destroy Hesitation, Procrastination and Limiting Beliefs [book] A philosophical examination of the confident mindset, from a scientific and practical viewpoint. This book will help you decode confidence into a set of beliefs and behaviours that you can control. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0B8SR1BXS/ Dan’s blog: https://www.theinspirationallifestyle.com/blog The BROJO Online podcast: https://soundcloud.com/thebrojo Mike’s blog: https://www.coachmike.live/

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