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If you’ve ever had a crisis about your Latinx identity, you’ll feel at home with this episode featuring Mexican-American collage artist Ruby Marquez. Ruby is very familiar with the emotional ups and downs surrounding Latinx identity and is on a never-ending journey to connect with their indigenous roots.

Ruby, who was initially encouraged to become a Firefighter by their father, connected with collage-making after taking a rouge photography class in college. Now, they’ve amassed a source material library of over 2,000 images, and are constantly finding new material online and offline in order to create their Catholicism-inspired collages.

With Ruby’s vast collection of photos, this San Fransisco-based collage artist is able to pay homage to victims of police violence by creating ornate tributes that honor victims with compassion. Ruby also makes portraits of LGBTQIA+, Latinx, and Black icons to raise awareness for both historic and present-day political movements.

Looking forward, Ruby dreams of creating a Fantasia-inspired video with a legendary lineup of Latinx musicians. Go ahead and listen to this week’s episode to hear more about Ruby’s Chicanx identity and how they connect with their culture through their work.

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Topics Covered:

  • Connecting with and reclaiming your indigenous roots
  • Incorporating Catholic imagery into their work
  • Memorializing people through portraiture
  • Gathering source material for collages
  • Processing emotions through artwork
  • The struggles of perfectionism on social media
  • Oversharing on social media

Guest Info

Connect with Ruby on Instagram, Patreon, and check out their shop here.

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