Ep 17: Rekindle Inspiration When You Are In A Rut


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When you are stuck in a rut, burned out or just feeling low it can be hard to feel inspired. As much as I love my life and my life's work, recently I had a period of time when I just didn't feel like engaging with it. Being pregnant, chasing a toddler and not sleeping very well started to take its toll on my mood. Luckily, I have some incredible tools from Elemental Yin Yang theory and today I am sharing how working with each of the Five Elements can help shake you out of your rut and reignite the flames of inspiration and joy in your life. This episode is packed with tools so be sure to get all the links and join the conversation at http://www.aquinyoga.com/podcast/episode-17-rekindle-inspiration-when-you-are-in-a-rut

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