Ep 109: Edd Benda, CEO at BTP Media | Filmmaker & Video Producer


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In his own words
"I am the Co-founder and CEO of Beyond the Porch (BTP), a full-service video production company that we launched six years ago, shortly after graduating from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. Through our subsidiary, BTP Media, we produce high-quality, cinematic films for brands, marketing agencies, and communication firms. Our clients (and associated brands) include: Omaze, Fraser Communications (LA County Department of Public Health, Lexus), Lineage Digital (ThisIsMelo, AdidasLA, AT&T, Oracle), University of Southern California, The Home Depot, Yellow Shoes (Disney Parks), among many others. Our commercial productions for the LA County Department of Public Health have received MarCom Platinum & Gold Awards, American Advertising Awards: LA Addy Award, Healthcare Digital Marketing Awards and the Healthcare Advertising Award.
We also produce original content through our subsidiary BTP Productions and are best known for our debut feature film “Superior” (2016) and documentary feature "The Kids Table" (2018), both of which received critical success nationwide. “Superior” was named Best Picture Winner at the East Lansing Film Festival, Best Picture Nominee at the Orlando Film Festival and Cinema on the Bayou Festival, Audience Award Winner at the Soo Film Festival as well as Competition Narrative Feature at Dances With Films. The film has been screened at film festivals nationwide and appearing in over 40 cities before being acquired by Gravitas Ventures and released nationwide (and in Poland!). In addition, “The Kids Table” was a Best Documentary Nominee at the Orlando Film Festival and received Official Selections at the Capital City and Julien-Dubuque Film Festivals. "
Edd Benda
W: https://www.btpmedia.com/work
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