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Natalie & Ian welcome Liran Haimovitch & Tiago Queiroz to the show for a discussion focused on debugging Go programs. They cover good & bad debugging practices, the difficulty of debugging in the cloud, the value of errors logs & metrics, the practice of debugging in production (or not) & much more!

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - Opener
(00:41) - Sponsor: Sourcegraph
(03:05) - It's Go Time!
(03:49) - Welcoming our guests (again)
(07:01) - Good and bad debugging practices
(11:08) - Debugging in the cloud
(17:25) - Sponsor: Honeycomb
(18:58) - The value of error logs
(24:44) - The value of metrics
(29:30) - Debugging in production?
(31:28) - Monitoring tools aren't for debugging
(34:43) - Back to logging: levels & labels
(41:18) - How and where to begin debugging
(44:31) - It's time for Unpopular Opinions!
(44:58) - Liran's unpop
(47:27) - Tiago's unpop
(49:22) - Natalie's unpop
(49:52) - Liran's REAL unpopular opinion
(51:31) - Time to go!
(52:00) - Outro

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