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Let’s talk art and the city, with my fabulous guest, Alex Mitow!

Alex Mitow has a history of being a successful serial entrepreneur and has found his love/calling in the art world for the past 8 years, with his business Superfine Art Fair (co founded with the fabulous artist James Mille). Here artist can showcase their work, build a community and an audience, as well as get some great business tips along the way. In our interview Alex talks about his history as an entrepreneur and what led him to Superfine Art Fair. He’ll open up about what he see’s as the biggest issues in NYC for artists, which includes a kind of reformation and policy change. He’ll share how he took NYC by storm and all the tips and tricks along the way. Emphasizing that if, “NYC feels like home than it’s home” - he is an avid believer of bike riding in the city, picking your neighborhood wisely, finding your favorite spots in the city, and building a community within it.

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